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safety covers


Why get a safety cover?

They keep your two legged and four legged family members safe. Also, they look a lot better. In our region, pools are typically open 4 months versus  the cover being on for 8 months. That is a lot of time to stare at something like a tarped swamp. Opening and closing is extremely easier and less stressful. We don't even like adding new customers with tarps/water bags. I have no idea how people deal with that method. 

What if someone else is building our Pool?

We do not build pools. But we still would love to be your safety cover company! We have seen more than one bad cover install by companies that build quality pools. Being good at one part of the trade, does not necessarily carry over.  At Eastern Mtn Pools, safety covers are our specialty. Nobody takes more pride in their work. 

Can we install it ourselves? 

If you are ordering a replacement cover, absolutely. This is a task that many homeowners are up to. We are more than happy to share some advice to get it just right. If it's a new install, it's typically more than what most people can handle.

Why Meyco?

We chose to be an authorized Meyco Safety Cover dealer for many reasons. In short, nobody else compares to them on any level. They invented the idea and hold most of the patents surrounding it and the technology that has improved it. They make the covers in the USA with only USA sourced materials. Their customer service is unparalleled. Its one of the few companies we love calling. 

Would you own a pool without a safety cover?

Absolutely not. Pools are way too dangerous, especially after ice appears. One of our customers had their grandchild test the ice on their tarped pool. They fell through. His cousins were present and able to pull him out. I installed a safety cover that fall. What if we have a fence and no kids? Still no. Pools are still dangerous to pets. Plus, we have opened thousands of pools across 3 decades. The alternatives to safety covers are ridiculously difficult and require constant maintenance. Even if you lived on the other side of the country and you emailed me for advice, my answer would be the same. 

Our pool is not a standard pool, can you still cover it?

Absolutely. Over the years we have installed many covers on complex pools. From faux rock, real rock walls to raised spas, steps and water slides; we've done it all. What if our deck isn't concrete? Not a problem. We've installed anchors in many different surfaces, including pavers, bricks, slate, dirt, grass and rocks. Some require more preparation, but all are definitely workable.

When should we order?

The sooner the better. In typical years, if you order in early August, you'll have your cover in time to close your pool. We recommend ordering before August though. The pool industry is booming and good cover manufacturers are overwelmed. We have never had a customer regret ordering early, but had several regret ordering late. We measure and order covers just about year round. Another reason to order early is to avoid price increases.


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